About Vuligqondo Digital Lab

Our Mantra

The main objective of the organization is to build Digital Labs in rural communities to ensure sustainable technological innovation for socio-economic transformation.

“Service to others leads to greatness.”—Jim Rohn

The Vuligqondo Digital Lab is formed as a creative lab for collaborative innovation network by sharing in real-time solutions, brainstorming, exchanging ideas of each other and promoting the prototype system, products and designs for the development of the technology SMMEs in Mpumalanga for inclusive economic growth.

Vuligqondo Digital Lab is an initiative of Vuligqondo Research and Manufacturing Centre to create an enabling environment for technology innovation through achieving the mandates of Vuligqondo Innovation Networking Platform which is aimed at establishing a networking platform to bring together research, development and innovation communities, technology SMMEs, industry and government in order to support socio-economic development through innovation.

The Vuligqondo Digital Lab acts as a controlled testing environment of innovative technologies. This Digital Lab is equipped with appropriate infrastructure and simulate real-world-like setups to test the usability and effectiveness of new products before being deployed on the market.

The main objectives of the Digital Lab:

  • Create an enabling environment for grassroots innovators to meet, learn, share and build innovative projects for commercial purposes
  • Exposing rural community members to platforms such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and high Computing performance etc
  • Provide resources or components to support technology SMMEs or innovators
  • Provide access to the internet to create a research platform for creativity and innovation in rural communities
  • Provide an Incubation Space for potential innovators or technology SMME
  • Provide Coach and Mentoring Support Programme
  • Provide Workshops and Engagement Platforms through stakeholders

Vuligqondo Focus Activities

Here are the activities you can be part of.

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